Croy wants accountability for taxpayers' money

By Thomas Wilson


   Citizens should expect accountability for how the local and state government spends their tax dollars, said Rocky Croy.
   "I see our taxes being raised but the money seems to disappear," said Croy. "I want to let the people see where their tax dollars are being spent."
   Croy, 42, is seeking to become a county commissioner of the 3rd District.
   The 21-year veteran of the Carter County Sheriff's Department also said he shared the frustration of many citizens in watching industries leave Carter County and take their jobs and business tax dollars with them.
   "The commission and the county executive should aggressively pursue new industry instead of just waiting around for them to show an interest in the county," said Croy.
   Giving citizens diverse educational training, particularly in industrial trades and information technology-based jobs, would also help improve the county's work force, he said.
   "I think new ideas along with other people can help Carter County grow, because it can be done," he said.
   He also said he supported the county's regional water authority as an example of how city and county cooperation could help the entire county.
   "Anytime you can have the city and county working together, it can only produce good," he said.
   Regarding overcrowding in the county jail, Croy said the county's monetary reimbursement from the state for housing state prisoners should be reviewed in terms of how that money was paying for the state's prisoners.
   He also noted that although the idea of building a new county jail "would be nice" he did not see it as a viable plan for the county in the immediate future.
   With the retirement of Truman Clark, the next county commission will be working with a new county executive and a new financial director.
   The seven candidates each brought the factor of private sector business experience with them, which was critical in running government, said Croy.
   Croy said that while he didn't have a problem with the county hiring a financial director, he did question a new layer of funding for the new position. He said a financial director's job should consist of one person, and not a staff of people for a financial department.
   "If it has eight or nine people involved in that, I could see part of that expense falling back on the taxpayer," he said.
   The county's ability to develop the tourism sector of the local economy should also be developed, Croy added.
   "I have experience knowing how the budget should work, I'm available to the people, and I want to see Carter County grow," he said. "I've been in law enforcement and the volunteer fire department and I believe in helping people," he said. "That and being a commissioner just fits in together."
   Croy has served as a lieutenant with Carter County Sheriff's Department for almost 21 years. He is married to the former Cynthia Giles. The couple reside in the Watauga community and have three children and three grandchildren.