Local couple charged in murder of man's first wife

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   SUMMERVILLE, S.C. -- A Roan Mountain, Tenn., man and woman were arrested Saturday in this South Carolina town and charged in the 15-year-old murder of the man's previous wife.
   Billy Gardner Scott, 50, and Lisa Elizabeth Moore Scott, 38, both of 519 Holly Hill Rd., Roan Mountain, Tenn., are charged with murder in the death of Susan Marie Scott, who was 35 at the time of her death.
   Susan Scott was struck by a vehicle and was found unconscious shortly after midnight on Jan. 22, 1989, lying on Dorchester Road near U.S. Highway 17-A. She died less than two days later from head injuries she sustained in the accident, according to police.
   At the time of her death, Susan Scott was married to Billy Scott and the couple had four children together, all of whom are adults now.
   Following the accident, Lisa Scott, who was known as Lisa Moore at that time, was charged in the accident. "She was charged at that time with reckless homicide but for some unknown reason the case never proceeded to court," said Dorchester County Sheriff's Department Detective Linda Walsh.
   Walsh said that, for years, the case remained open. "About a year ago the family brought it to our attention again," she said.
   During the course of the investigation, information led detectives to consider Billy Scott and Lisa Moore Scott as possible suspects. "Their stories do not match up and are not consistent with the injuries the victim received," she said, adding that evidence indicates that Susan Scott was struck by a vehicle driven by Lisa Moore Scott.
   Detectives also learned that at the time of Susan Scott's death, Billy Scott and then-23-year-old Lisa Moore were having an affair. Police are now looking at that affair as the motive behind the murder of Susan Scott, Walsh said.
   Billy and Lisa Scott were arrested Saturday by detectives in Summerville, S.C., after learning the couple would be there to visit Billy Scott's father.
   According to information from the Dorchester County Sheriff's Department, both Billy Scott and Lisa Scott were denied bond by the Dorchester County magistrate and must wait to appear before the General Sessions Court on a bond hearing. Walsh said she did not know the exact date the couple are scheduled to appear in court.