Raven Rock Cartridges now authorized HP Business Partner   

By Greg Miller

star staff

ÊÊ  Raven Rock Cartridge Supplies, a local company that sells re-manufactured ink cartridges to both residential and commercial customers, recently became an authorized HP (Hewlett-Packard) Business Partner.
  "We're able to directly purchase your imaging and printer supplies, computer products, and the new OEM cartridges, ink jets, toner cartridges, that sort of thing, directly from the manufacturer," said Patricia Roark, the owner of the business.
  "Raven Rock also recently reached an agreement with a well-established and respected supplier of high-speed digital and color printers," a news release states. "Consolidated Business Systems, LLC has a 20-plus year history in the Tri-Cities area and is the provider of first-rate equipment, service and supplies as an authorized Konica Minolta dealer.
  "This new partnership allows Raven Rock to offer the full array of services from A-Z, including not only color printers but the complete line of Konica Minolta digital output devices as well as software installation, network support, computer hardware and repair. This means that there is no company too large or too small for Raven Rock's services."
  Consolidated Business Systems is located in a company-owned, 12,400 square foot facility in the Tri-County Industrial Park in Piney Flats. "The entire staff is well-trained, friendly and eager to please," the news release states. "This partnership enhances Raven Rock's capability well beyond that of the ordinary office printer/supplies provider."
  With its business customers, the company will do an "office survey to list the equipment and put it in an inventory," said Jerry Poole, sales manager. "When a customer calls up, we don't have to second guess their printing needs.
  "We pride ourselves in a timely delivery," remarked Poole, who said that normal deliveries will be made within three days. "We try to maintain an inventory for the business customers. If it's a special need, something that we don't stock, we have to order it. Sometimes there's a three-to-five day lead time on it."
  "We're also able now to sell personal and business computer systems and servers, printers, fax machines, scanners, that sort of thing," Roark said. Customers can order either a basic or customized computer system. The company also sells a variety of re-manufactured ribbons.
  No order is too small, according to Poole. "We want to be a customer servant, whatever their needs are," he said. "That's something I pride myself in personally. I love people. I'm a people person. I meet new people almost every day."
  So far, the company has a customer base of about 125. Poole's goal is to have 250 active customers by next January. "We're working every day to develop new customers and new leads," he said. "The Lord has really blessed our business. I want to give Him all the credit, because without Him we couldn't make this possible. It's nothing that we have done.
  "I feel like the reason our business has grown to the plateau it has today is because God has really blessed us to be able to go out here every day and deal with the general public," remarked Poole. "This is a hard business, because when you use the word re-manufactured, there's been a lot of bad publicity and a lot of bad products in the past.
  "We even have products that don't meet our standards and requirements from time to time. That's where our customer servant steps in and we fill the gap immediately, because when you need a product, you need it now, you don't need it two weeks down the road. You don't want to hear me say, 'I can't help you today, it will be tomorrow or next week.' When there is a crisis, I address it accordingly."
  Service after the sale is important, according to Poole, who said he likes to check back with a customer after making a delivery. "In the re-manufactured, you never know when something's going to go wrong with a cartridge," he said. "We still live in a world that not everything is perfect yet. That will have to be in the hereafter."
  Roark said he would like to establish a business where we can service all of Elizabethton, Johnson City, Erwin and Mountain City.
  "I'm very pleased with our level of success that we've had so far. Being a very small, home operated, family operated business, I feel like we have done very well to have maintained the number of customers that we have at this level," Roark said. "I can really see that we'll get even more and more and build and be much more successful in the future."
  The company has three rules of business, being customer servants, good pricing and a good product, according to Poole. "That's three things that Raven Rock Cartridge demands," he remarked. "I won't lessen any of those three standards."
  Raven Rock Cartridge Supplies, Hampton, is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, call 725-4229 or e-mail jpoole@preferred.com.