Police investigating sexual assault   

From Staff Reports

  Police are investigating the sexual assault of a Carter County woman by a male who claimed to be the maintenance man for her apartment complex.
  The woman reported to police that on Saturday afternoon, the man came to her apartment posing as the maintenance man and since she had previously reported that the windows in her apartment were hard to raise, she let the main into her apartment. She said she escorted the man upstairs to the location of the windows that needed repair.
  "According to the victim, the man attempted to kiss her and she refused. She then told him to leave and she went downstairs," states Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Audrey Covington. "While attempting to get the man to leave, the victim states that he came up from behind her and put his hand up her skirt."
  The woman said she again told the man to leave her residence. "At that time he asked her if he could just look at her (genitalia)," Covington states in her report. "She again stated no and to leave. The victim states as she was walking towards the door, he again put his hand up her skirt."
  The woman opened the door to her apartment and screamed for him to leave and at that time he left her residence.