20 more applicants needed for Little Milligan utility water  

By Lesley Jenkins
star staff

ÊÊ  Little MiIligan and Fish Springs residents could be another step closer to getting utility water if another 20 applicants meet the deadline Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Unfortunately, if an additional 20 applicants do not sign up before the deadline then the whole project could be defeated.
  Carderview Utility will be providing water for an approximate fee of $36 per month. J.R. Campbell, spokesperson for the Little MIlligan School Community Water Fund, hopes to get 225 applicants before the Thursday evening deadline. If enough applicants are not found, the prospect of utility water for many of the residents could vanish.
  The monthly price could possibly increase if 225 applications are not turned in. The more people who agree to receive utility water, the less the cost of the monthly fee.
  Campbell said 206 applications have been turned in. The group is trying to contact people who might own land in the area but who have never developed anything on the land. The benefit of applying now is that the $1,000 fee for a water tap is being waived for each person signing up right now.
  Landowners can even sign up for more than one tap if they plan to develop the land later, Campbell said. If land is undeveloped, but the water tap is installed, the fee will be $16 per month.
  About 12 and a half miles will be covered in the area, "from the top of Fish Springs to Hayley Hollow," Campbell said. Shirley's Restaurant will also benefit from the reliable water source because it serves thousands of customers per year. Two boat docks, Fish Springs Marina and Mallard Cove will also be covered in the area.
  "Some people elected not to take it because they have good wells and some said the $36 per month was too much because they were on a fixed income," he said. "That is our biggest worry with people on fixed incomes."
  He is asking for help in locating anyone who owns land in the area, especially in Campbell Hollow, that is undeveloped to contact him at 423-768-2681 or at Little Milligan Elementary at 423-768-4400. Anyone with questions can also call Bill Finney at 423-768-3505 or Sharon Church at Carderview Utility at 423-768-2527.