Vandals write terroristic graffitti on buildings in Bristol   

From Staff Reports

  BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Bristol Police Department officers found graffiti written on several city buildings Thursday morning. At 340 Edgemont Ave., one message read, "Islam will prevail and Osama will not be defeated."
  "It makes you kind of mad, and I think kids are just doing that to scare people up," said Bart Johnson, a Bristol resident.
  Police don't believe the group or individuals who wrote the messages have any ties to terrorism. But that doesn't mean those who work in one of the vandalized buildings are taking it lightly.
  "Since we are a Christian organization and we have had threats in the past, people calling in and such, you always take those things seriously," said Kenneth Hill, who is with WHCB Radio.
  Other graffiti was left at the YMCA and the courthouse. But the focus is on the reference to Islam and Bin Laden.
  "When you hear about everything going on in the Middle East and then targeting Christian organizations here in the community. What's the meaning behind it? I'm not really sure." said Chris Ayers, of the Bristol YMCA.
  An investigation into the vandalism is ongoing.