Local CNAs honored   

From Staff Reports

  Roan Highlands Nursing Center will honor their certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for National Nursing Assistant's Week, June 10-17.
  CNAs are individuals seen bustling though the hallways of every nursing home, caring for patients' physical and emotional needs. They find time to share laughter, hugs and sometimes tears.
  Nursing homes take a holistic and individualized approach to each patient, with a care plan designed to encompass all aspects that define a healthy life, including physical, mental, social and emotional aspects. CNAs are with patients every step of the way, making a difference in the lives of people in their care.
  Larry Hodge, administrator at Roan Highlands Nursing Center, said, "CNAs are the backbone of every nursing home. Their job is physically demanding, but they greet it head on, with compassion and with determination to help each of their patients. Their job is admirable, and we appreciate everything they do."
  CNAs work under the supervision of the facility's Director of Nurses and must complete at least 75 hours of training in a state-approved course, including both classroom and on the job instruction. They must also pass a certified exam.
  "We have 30 CNAs at our facility, and there is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for them," said Maureen Soon, director of nursing at Roan Highlands. "We are proud to recognize and honor them for their hard work."
  CNAs provide the most direct patient care. They often develop close relationships with their patients. To honor their hard work, Roan Highlands Nursing Center will host a luncheon, along with other events, during the week of June 10-17.
  Nursing homes provide "The Right Care at the Right Time" for patients in need of 24-hour nursing care due to illness or disability. Roan Highlands Nursing Center is a member of THCA, a nonprofit organization located throughout the state.