Fantasy novel by Elizabethton author soon to be in bookstores

By Julie Fann
star staff

ÊÊ  A publishing company that has printed the works of authors such as William F. Buckley, Jr. and the producer of "Murder She Wrote" recently released the second edition of a "sensual fantasy epic" written by an Elizabethton resident. The company iUniverse, Inc. released "Ravished Wings", written by Maria Osborne Perry, on June 3 and the book will be available soon in bookstores and on the Internet.
  A press release from iUniverse, Inc. in association with Swanbeauty Promotions, a fledgling publishing company started by Perry and her husband, Robert, states, "'Ravished Wings' is a rich re-telling of the fabled swan-maiden who is initiated into sensuality and love by a mortal hero. An epic fantasy that broaches new realms of adult fiction, 'Ravished Wings' is the first full-length novel from Tennessee's bestselling and award-winning author, Maria Osborne Perry."
  Perry, originally from Blountville, graduated from Sullivan Central High School and also East Tennessee State University with a degree in history. She said the idea for the novel evolved while she was in college.
  "I'd always been interested in Nordic mythology, and, as well, the era of Charles Martel. With 'Ravished Wings' I've combined ancient myth with historical agendas to create what I hope is a sensual and intelligent story for women and men who enjoy fantasy," Perry said in the released statement.
  The first edition of "Ravished Wings" was published in 2002 by Zumaya Publications, which launched in 2001, according to the company's Web site, but Perry said she wasn't satisfied with the business. "They were supposed to get my book at the bigger distributors, and they never did," she said. In the new edition, Perry has expanded the plot and introduced more information about the characters. She said it took her approximately one year to write the novel.
  Perry is currently working on a children's book titled, "Nine for the Nightlight" which consists of stories she has told to her four children over the years.
   She is former editor of The Gottsheim Newsletter, and has received awards in the genres of fiction, poetry and commentary, according to the press release. Her first book, "Erotic Dreams And Satin Sheets: An Anthology of Dark Fiction", received a finalist nomination in the EPPIE awards for electronically published works. Perry also writes under the pseudonym Desiree Erotique, and in 2003 was presented with the Golden Rose Reviewer's Choice Award for the novel, "Disciples of Pleasure".
  A stay-at-home mom and writer, Perry said she majored in history in college so that she would have a strong background for her writing. She particularly enjoys medieval European history.
  Authors such as Dan Hodgen, Lawrence Block, Sally Denton, Thomas Sawyer (producer of "Murder She Wrote"), and William F. Buckley Jr. have had their works published by iUniverse which, according to the press release, "provides individuals a simple, fast and affordable way to publish, market, and sell fiction and non-fiction books."
   The company is reportedly one of the largest book publishing companies in the United States and claims to eliminate the necessity of massive print runs and dramatically shortens time-to-market, giving authors control over when and how their works are published. The company is endorsed by industry leading author organizations, including the Authors Guild and Mystery Writers of America. The company is a member of the Association of American Publishers, Publishers Marketing Association, and Small Publishers Association of North America. Its major investors include Warburg Pincus and Barnes & Noble.
  Perry and her husband currently live in central Elizabethton. Perry's children are Evelyn Millard, 20; Byron Millard, 17; Autumn Perry, 7, and Wolfgang Perry, 6.
  "Ravished Wings" will be available in bookstores and on the Internet within the next month. The cost of the book in paperback is $23.95.