Man arrested after approaching women about drugs

From Staff Reports

   Police arrested a man after he reportedly accosted three women at a laundromat early Sunday morning and asked them about drugs.
   Terry Scott Hodge, 23, 137 Gunsmoke Hollow Rd., was arrested by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Tonya Range and charged with public intoxication in connection with the incident.
   According to reports, police responded to the parking lot of the Sav-A-Lot grocery store to speak with three witnesses about a suspicious subject who possibly had drugs.
   Upon her arrival at the scene, Range spoke with Hodge and, according to the police report, Hodge had red, watery eyes and his speech was slurred. Range also said Hodge had an odor of alcohol.
   Range also spoke with three female subjects who said that Hodge had approached them about drugs. "These women advised they were approached by Mr. Hodge and asked if they 'smoked weed' while at the laundromat," states Range in her report, adding that one of the women reported that he placed what appeared to be marijuana on the hood of her car and attempted to roll a marijuana cigarette in front of her small child.
   Range states in her report that she saw what appeared to be marijuana seeds on the hood of the vehicle. Each of the three women gave police a written statement about the incident stating that Hodge had approached them and appeared to be intoxicated.
   At that time, Hodge was taken into custody. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on June 4.