91-year-old man dies in tractor accident

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A 91-year-old Stoney Creek man died Monday afternoon while mowing a field when the tractor he was operating overturned on him.
   "(Hillie) Brice Robinson, age 91, was apparently mowing (hay) and coming around a steep incline, and his lower wheels hit a rock causing the tractor to overturn," said Carter County Sheriff John Henson. "He suffered severe head injuries and apparently died instantly."
   Robinson, who would have been 92 next month, lived at 218 Berry Hill Road.
   The Carter County Coroner was called to the scene and ruled that the cause of death was severe head trauma, according to Henson.
   At press time, it was unclear how long Robinson had been in the field before his body was discovered. "No one saw him go in there (the field) today, and no one knows how long he had been in there," Henson said. "A neighbor came home and saw the tractor overturned in the field and went up there to check on him and found him.
   "He had been dead for several hours before he was found."
   According to Henson, an autopsy will not be ordered on Robinson. "You can tell exactly what happened from the scene," he said. "There is no question on the cause of death. It was just a freak accident."
   According to those present at the scene, Robinson had lived in this area and had been a farmer all of his life.
   Accidents with tractors and other farm equipment such as this one are not uncommon in Carter County and often leave people injured or killed. "In Carter County we do have a lot of freak accidents with farm equipment, especially tractors," Henson said. "A lot of times the land does not look as steep as it actually is.
   "With this being a mountainous region like it is, it's real easy to turn a tractor over."
   Emergency personnel received the call about Robinson at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. First responders with the Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department were the first on scene. Officers and Investigators with the Carter County Sheriff's Department as well as Tennessee Constables and members of the Carter County Rescue Squad also responded.