Gorge retreat among highlights

By Greg Miller

One of the major highlights of this year's Carter County Leadership Tomorrow Class was the March trip to Nashville, according to Kathy Pierce, Director of Planning and Administration, Alliance of Business & Training (AB&T).
   "We spend a day at the State Capitol meeting the legislators and the commissioners of the different departments, and seeing how what happens at the state government level impacts what we do here locally," Pierce said. "They love it, and it's probably one of the most informative things. We find out about education systems, road systems, social programs, economic development..."
   The retreat at Doe River Gorge was a second highlight, according to Pierce. "It builds teamwork skills and helps the class members get to know each other better. We do some leadership skill training, plus being at that beautiful place that's here in our own county is just something that most people are not even aware of. It really kicks the year off with a positive start to spend a day and a night at the Gorge."
   Monthly topics for the class include history/heritage/tourism, business/industry, economic development, education, local government, state government, health care, and regional partnerships and meeting with other area leadership classes.
   Challenges facing this year's class, Pierce said, included the election of new state and local leaders and "gaining a deeper understanding of the roles of economic development and trends in the labor market and how that impacts what's happening in Carter County."
   Another challenge was picking up on the work of last year's class "on how we could attract additional jobs, businesses and industry to our area, and identifying where we need to go, what needs to happen next. Those three things have been ongoing from the beginning and will continue into the future."
   For more information about the leadership class or the youth leadership program currently being developed, call Pierce at 547-7500, e-mail her at kpierce@ab-t.org, or call Barbara Treadway at 547-3850 or e-mail Treadway at eccchamber@earthlink.net.