Stoney Creek VFD receives truck from Fla. man

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   Firefighters with the Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department recently were the recipients of an unexpected gift that will help them in the performance of their duties.
   According to Jack Buckles with the Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department, a pumper truck was just donated to the department. The truck is not new but is new to the department.
   "I believe it is a 1979 model," Buckles said. "It was a pretty nice truck in its day."
   Buckles stated that the truck still runs good as well as pumps and circulates the water like it should. Most of the repair work that the department plans on doing on the truck is cosmetic in nature, such as a new paint job. "We've been trying to get it cleaned up," he said.
   The truck was donated to the department by a man from Florida, Buckles said. Last year, the Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department purchased two trucks from a place in Florida and it just so happens that the person they purchased the trucks from later made the donation of this truck to the department. "He called us and asked us if we wanted it and we said yeah, sure," Buckles said.
   The pumper truck was donated to the department as a free gift. "We had to pay to get it shipped up here," Buckles said. "It cost about $900 to ship it."
   Currently, the department plans to do some minor work to the truck to restore it to proper order and then set it aside for use when it is needed. "We're going to fix it up and keep it as a backup in case one of our front line trucks breaks down," Buckles said. "We're not going to sink too much money into it."