Three juveniles arrested for auto burglaries

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   Three juvenile males were arrested in the early morning hours on Monday after police investigated a string of auto burglaries on Oscar Banks Road in Johnson City. The juveniles, ages 15,16 and 17, were charged with auto burglary, theft under $500 and vandalism.
   According to reports, Charity Norton, 109 Oscar Banks Road, Apt. 20, Johnson City, reported to Carter County Sheriff's Department Lt. Bob Hooks on Sunday that someone had broken a window out of her 1994 Chevrolet Beretta and had stolen a Sony brand CD player, approximately $100 in cash and her purse containing personal identification cards. Another individual reported to Hooks at that time that their vehicle had also been burglarized, but they did not file a report.
   Later on Sunday, two more individuals reported to CCSD Deputy Al Meehan that their vehicles had also been burglarized. Tina Grindstaff, of 1298 Jackson Boulevard, Apt. 35, Jonesborough, reported to Meehan that someone had broken into her 1990 Chevrolet Beretta while it was parked at 109 Oscar Banks Road, Apt. 26, and had stolen the stereo from her vehicle. Thomas Stewart, of 109 Oscar Banks Road, Apt. 35, reported to Meehan that someone had broken into his 1978 Chevrolet van and had stolen a set of speakers that were mounted in a box.
   According to reports, the landlord of the apartment complex, Bob Fox, later called Carter County 911 and reported that he had witnessed three juvenile males, whom he identified by name, burning something on the stoop of one of the apartments. "When the boys saw him, they kicked the smoldering remains through the yard," a report by CCSD Inv. Todd Hamm states. "Mr. Fox retrieved the remains of a purse and Ms. Norton's driver's license. The burnt remains of a ball peen hammer were also found."
   Fox reported to officers that when he went to retrieve the purse, the juveniles got into a vehicle, and one of them cursed at him.
   While officers were searching the scene, they located, in addition to the purse and hammer, an empty bottle of alcohol and burned rags.
   Later, the juveniles returned to the scene and were questioned by Hamm and subsequently arrested and charged with the burglaries. Officers recovered a Sony CD player from the vehicle the juveniles were driving.