Woman arrested for public drunkenness while taking her four children to carnival

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   Police arrested a 36-year-old woman Wednesday evening and charged her with public intoxication while she had four small children with her on an outing.
   Linda Elene Mazoway, 230 South Broadway, Johnson City, was taken into police custody after officers of the Elizabethton Police Department had been dispatched to the traveling carnival which is currently set up in the parking lot of Elizabethton High School. According to police reports, officers were responding to a call about an intoxicated woman sitting in a green van who was drinking beer and had four small children with her in the vehicle.
   "When I arrived the suspect had left the van and was in the carnival grounds, with the children," EPD Capt. Clyde Croy states in his report.
   At that time, officers began to search the carnival for the suspected woman. "I saw the person getting on the carousel, with the children," Croy states in his report. "She was very unsteady on her feet, and she was having trouble putting her youngest child on a ride.
   "She then got on the ride with the child and almost fell off trying to mount the hobby horse."
   After the woman exited the ride, Croy and EPD PTL Shannon Peters approached the subject to speak with her. "She had a strong odor of alcohol on her person, her eyes were bloodshot, and she reeked of the smell of alcohol," Croy states in his report.
   At that time, Croy informed the woman that they had received a complaint that she was intoxicated at the carnival with her children. Her reply to the officer's statement was that she had "only had about four beers," according to the report.
   Mazoway was then placed into custody and charged with public intoxication. "We felt that her safety and the safety of her children was in jeopardy if we did not take some action," Croy states in his report.
   Croy then transported Mazoway to the Carter County Jail where she was booked in on the charger ordered by the officer. The children were taken to the Carter County Jail by EPD Chief Roger Deal where they were released to the custody of their father.