Hyder wants chance to work for more improvements

By Julie Fann
star staff

After spending four years as county commissioner for the 1st District, Adeline Hyder would like another opportunity to serve so that she can continue to see improvements. Hyder said her strength lies in an ability to look at both sides of every issue and think for herself.
   "You have to weigh the issue in relationship to how your constituents see it, but, sometimes, they think it's just like a snap of your finger that you can do something. It might be that they don't know the law and how we have to do things in order and according to protocol," Hyder said.
   Hyder has a master's degree in vocational education. She has also been a teacher for 29 years and said she remains dedicated to the children of Carter County because they are her career.
   Hyder said she has worked hard to bring zoning to the 1st District and would be very supportive of a countywide zoning plan. "I just look at our county, and it is an absolutely beautiful place to live and raise your children, but I see a lot of misuse of the property. I think we could work on the continued beauty of this county to draw more people here to live," she said.
   Hyder said countywide zoning is about protecting citizens, not taking away rights. "Places that are not zoned could have a beer store or massage parlor right next to them, and you just don't want that. It's not the point of allowing people to do what they want to on their property; it's the point of protection from unnecessary evils," she said.
   Hyder believes the county needs a finance director, who, she says, will relieve the county executive of some responsibility so that he/she can take their energy into other areas.
   A more energized, organized plan to recruit business is also something the county needs, according to Hyder. "I know that, since Sept. 11, it's been tough, but I think we can entice people to come here," she said.
   Existing commissioners have been very supportive of Hyder during her first term, she said. "They have been quite supportive of my ideas and my thoughts, and I have never sensed any type of gender issue, and I appreciate them very much," she said.
   Hyder also thanked the voters of the 1st District for their votes and their support.