Doug Buckles: Stoney Creek citizens get left out

By Julie Fann
star staff

If there is a land the county has forgotten, Douglas Buckles believes it could be Stoney Creek. "The county doesn't stop at the Gilbert Peters Bridge. It comes all the way and goes up to the top of the mountain," he said.
   Buckles said that Stoney Creek taxpayers deserve as much as any other district and that he would aggressively work to represent them. A Stoney Creek native, Buckles said an attempt to create a countywide zoning plan would be an effort to destroy cultural diversity. "We have too much government now; we don't need to be over-regulated," he said.
   Buckles said that he is a good listener. He said he also has an ability to communicate well that would help county government. Getting regional water for his district and the community is one of Buckles' goals.
   Buckles also said the county may not need a financial director so much as it needs a purchasing director. "I would like to think that any equipment purchased by the county should be put out on bids. The need is there," he said.
   Buckles said the county needs to purchase more land and select a committee to draw more jobs into the county.
   Buckles said he would support not only the people of the 1st District but all of the citizens of Carter County. He promised to work closely with the county executive.
   "I know it's a learning process, and maybe with a lot of patience and hard work, we could get some things done," he said.