Barney Brown wants to help the Roan Mountain community

By Julie Fann
star staff

Barney Brown is a simple man. A Roan Mountain native, he attended Cloudland High School and believes his ability to help others feel comfortable makes him a prime candidate for Carter County commissioner in the 2nd District.
   "I help people when they need it. Like elderly people. I make myself available to them if they need groceries and things like that. I'm sensitive to needs," Brown said.
   Brown worked as an electrician for 40 years and was employed by various contractors. He said he is running for office because he is committed to helping others. "I'd like to help people throughout the county, not just certain sections," he said.
   Brown said Carter County needs more industrial jobs for residents in his community to expand the county's tax base. "It would help revenue and also help schools," he said.
   Brown also said more jobs would allow the younger generation to work in the county to achieve goals that are important to them.
   Brown currently works for the U.S. Forest Service, where he does landscaping and cleaning.