Commission to begin legal process against code violators

By Thomas Wilson

   The Carter County Commission voted to initiate legal action against violators of the county's zoning code at Monday's commission meeting.
   Commissioner Jerry Pearman told the full commission on Monday that the county's planning commission had voted to begin legal action to force compliance of property owners in violation of county zoning ordinances.
   "We voted to take legal action and let the county attorney do what he has got to do," said Pearman, who said the violators identified had been notified they were not in compliance with zoning rules.
   The violators identified by the commission were:
   * Kenneth Hambrick, Okolona Estates, operating a business in a residential zone.
   * Barrett Swecker, Timberline Subdivision, operating a non-complying business in a residential zone.
   * Jerry Cox, Sugar Maple Drive, auto junkyard.
   * Dan Burkner, Smalling Road, auto junkyard.
   * David Burkner, Smalling Road, auto junkyard.
   * David Stewart, Central Drive, auto junkyard.
   * Allen Howell, King Springs Road, auto junkyard.
   * Mrs. Vival Tolley, Jim Elliott Road, mobile home park and auto junkyard.
   * Waits Daniel Tolley Jr., Jim Elliott Road, auto junkyard.
   * Louise Clawson, Sims Hollow Road, trailer park and auto junkyard.
   The commission voted 21-0-1 to initiate legal action with Commissioner Joe Woods passing on the vote.