Land surveying experience qualifies Buck for office

By Julie Fann
tar Staff

Paul Buck, a Carter County resident for the past 34 years, believes that his experience as a land surveyor qualifies him for the position of Register of Deeds. Buck has been an employee of Pearce Land Surveying since 1984.
   "A very large part of my job is deed research, which I have done in 13 different counties in two states for clients including individuals, banks, attorneys, Realtors, courts, colleges, and industry," he said. Buck said he would work closely with the tax assessor's office if he is elected to make sure that processes run smoothly.
   Buck's educational background includes attending East Tennessee State University, where he pursued a pre-engineering degree, and Northeast State Technical College, where he took classes in instrumentation engineering.
   "I have utilized a register of deeds office on a daily basis for almost 18 years. If elected, I will operate the office from that point of view, and I would make the Carter County Register of Deeds office the standard by which others can be measured," he said.
   Buck said he understands what attorneys, land surveyors, Realtors, and real estate appraisers want from a register of deeds office and that, with his work experience, he could help visitors locate and understand the information they need.
   "If fortunate enough to be elected, I will ask the current staff of the office to remain in their positions to ensure a smooth transfer of leadership. I live, work and worship in Carter County, and would consider it a privilege to work for its citizens," he said.
   Buck has been married for 16 years and is the father of two children.