County executive requirements

Candidates for the county executive office are required to meet standards under state law.
   A county executive candidate must be:
   * A qualified voter of county;
   * At least 25 years of age;
   * A resident of the county for one full year prior to the date of filing a nominating petition for election to the office.
   A county executive is prohibited from holding any other public office for profit during his or her term in office.
   Candidates are disqualified if they are classified as one of the following:
   * Citizens who have been convicted of offering or giving a bribe, or of larceny, or any other offense declared infamous by law, unless restored to citizenship; 
   * Citizens against whom there is a judgment unpaid for any moneys received by them that is due to the state or the United States government; 
   * Any member of the U.S. military who is on active duty; 
   * Members of congress, and persons holding any office of profit or trust in another state, nation or with the federal government. 
   Knowingly falsifying information on election documents is a Class E felony, under state law.