Thousands of teens on Milligan campus this summer

Thousands of teen-agers from throughout the U.S. will be on Milligan's campus over the next month, as Milligan plays host to four weeks of the national Christ In Youth (CIY) Conferences. The teens come with their youth groups from as far away as Florida, Missouri and Michigan for a five-day conference.
   Based in Joplin, Mo., this year CIY will host more than 20,000 high schoolers at 22 summer conferences held on college campuses nationwide. Four of those weeks, representing 3,300 teens, will be held at Milligan from June 10 through July 5.
   "Students experience a week filled with intense teaching, dynamic worship, mentoring opportunities, top notch speakers, scheduled devotions and discipleship time," said Robin Sigars, associate director of conferences at CIY. "CIY's Summer Conference is a tool youth ministries have been using for years to strengthen relationships, develop young Christian leaders and introduce teens to Jesus Christ."
   Mornings are spent in elective classes geared around issues facing today's teens. Afternoons are free for recreation and hanging out at the dorms with friends. Evenings are spent in powerful praise and worship times in Seeger Chapel. Special evening features include visits from professional comedy teams, drama groups, multimedia presentations and Christian concerts.
   "In the world today, teens have more opportunities and choices for their lives than ever before," said Sigars. "Our goal is to show teens how they can make the right choices. It's powerful and exciting."
   On Thursday of each week, youth groups are free to spend the afternoon off-campus exploring East Tennessee. Many venture out to the area's many hiking trails. Others enjoy an afternoon at the mall.
   CIY has held summer conferences on Milligan's campus for over 15 years. Attendance at the conferences has grown over the years, with most weeks now averaging over 800, and some with as many as 950. The college's dorms are full to capacity each week and some groups have had to stay off campus in past years due to the maximized attendance.
   CIY also hosts summer conferences in Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Idaho and Illinois.
   In addition to summer conferences, CIY sponsors other year-round events, such as weekend conferences, junior high programming, service projects, short-term missions, winter ski conferences, discipleship retreats, the World Evangelism Conference and the National Youth Leader's Convention.
   "Christ in youth exists to connect young people with Jesus Christ," said Sigars. "We want to provide opportunities for young people to experience God and His Word in a way that transforms their lives."
   For more information, visit or call 800-262-8337.