DA's office may re-indict Stout on attempted murder charge

By Thomas Wilson


An Elizabethton man charged with aggravated assault for allegedly throwing a concrete block through a moving vehicle could be re-indicted for attempted second-degree murder, according to the District Attorney's office.
   Jeremy Clay Stout, 18, who appeared in Carter County Criminal Court Friday, was charged with aggravated assault following an incident in June 2001.
   He is accused of allegedly throwing a concrete object through a vehicle driven by Robert D. Stilles Jr., while Stilles and his family were traveling on Dennis Cove Road in Hampton.
   The incident report stated the object shattered the driver's side window and struck two of Stilles' children who were riding in the back seat.
   Stout denied any involvement in the incident, according to police reports.
   "This case has some bad facts," said Judge Lynn Brown.
   District Attorney Kenneth Baldwin said his office might seek to re-indict Stout on a charge of attempted second-degree murder but a final decision had not been made.
   A new indictment would likely be made through the grand jury, which reconvenes on July 1.
   Dixie Ayoob, 29, was granted pre-trial diversion and sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to possession of Schedule VI for resale and conspiracy to possession of Schedule II for resale.
   Defense attorney Randy Fallin told the court that Ayoob had endured a series of health problems, including brain and back surgery, and would likely not be able to work again.
   Brown dismissed the charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and conspiracy to distribute Schedule VI drugs against Ayoob.
   Ayoob's boyfriend, Keith Garland, 42, pled guilty to possession of Schedule VI for resale and possession of Schedule II for resale.
   Garland and Ayoob were arrested when authorities conducted a search of a residence the couple was sharing with two Hispanic males.
   Drug agents recovered an 82-pound cache of marijuana in another area of the house where two other men were residing.
   Garland acknowledged to the court that two pounds of marijuana were found in his room, but stated he did not intend to sell the marijuana.
   He was sentenced to two years for the Schedule VI charge and eight years on the charge of Schedule II, which was identified as cocaine. Brown set a probationary hearing for Garland on July 3.