Kyte says 'honesty' makes him prime candidate for Circuit Court Clerk

By Julie Fann

Star Staff

Carter County native Russell Kyte says his honesty and six years experience as trustee at Beaunit Fibers, Elizabethton, make him a prime candidate for Circuit Court Clerk. In an interview conducted by the Star, Kyte said he believes the current Circuit Court Clerk's office needs some changes.
   "It's a very important office, and I'm a very honest person, and I'll treat people with respect," he said. He said problems currently exist concerning client treatment in the Circuit Court Clerk office and that personnel in the office need to show more respect for clients' needs.
   The Circuit Court Clerk in Elizabethton performs many tasks, including issuing warrants and orders of protection, taking payments for fines, and scheduling court dates for criminal and juvenile court. Kyte's educational background includes a high school diploma received from Happy Valley High School.
   Kyte, 58, said he has spent time in the Circuit Court Clerk office and that his work as a trustee for Beaunit Fibers, where he was employed for 12 years, has equipped him to run the office efficiently. "I took care of money that was brought in, signed vouchers for people," he said.
   Currently, Kyte is Maintenance Supervisor at the Carter County Courthouse and has been a custodian supervisor for eight years. He was also employed doing similar work at the Carter County jail. He and his wife, Sherry, also a Carter County native, have been married for 37 years and have one son, David, and one granddaughter.
   Kyte said he isn't sure how he will make needed changes if he is elected to office. He only knows that changes need to come. "The office needs some facelifts, some things that people need to be treated with respect when they're in there and treated nicely," Kyte said. "If I'm elected, I will need to look at what's going on and figure out what to do."
   Kyte also said that he would work to keep personnel salaries in line with budget needs. He emphasized that his status as a Carter County native would make him an effective leader.