Male juvenile raped at Emergency Child Shelter

From Staff Reports

   Elizabethton Police Department detectives on Thursday arrested two male juvenile residents of the Emergency Child Shelter, 208 Parkway Blvd. and charged them with aggravated rape and cospiracy to commit aggravated rape. The shelter houses juveniles who have committed criminal acts.
   According to a police report, a 16-year old male juvenile was raped after another male juvenile choked him until he became unconscious. However, after police conducted interviews with several male suspects, the investigation revealed that two 15-year old males were responsible for the crime.
   One juvenile, after being read his Constitutional rights, told police the other juvenile threated to physically harm him if he did not sodomize the third juvenile. According to statements given by other responsible parties, the rape had been planned.
   Both juveniles were arrested and taken to the Carter County Sheriff's Department where they were then transported to the Johnson City Juvenile Detention Center. The two juveniles face a court appearance Monday at 9 a.m.