Carter man charged with theft after being robbed

By Kathy Helms-Hughes


   A Carter County man who was minding a convenience store for his boss over the Memorial Day weekend was charged with theft Wednesday after he took money and a handgun from the store without the owner's permission but was later allegedly robbed of both by two Johnson City prostitutes.
   William David Meiss, 36, 2484 Siam Rd., was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Investigator Audrey Covington following an investigation into money missing from Fast Stop Market, 4259 Hwy. 19E.
   According to reports from the sheriff's department, Orval Pollard, owner of the business, reported May 27 to Deputy Brad Hamm that he had hired Meiss to watch the store May 24-26 so that Pollard and his wife could leave town over the Memorial Day weekend.
   Pollard said he returned to the store May 25 before leaving and Meiss gave him approximately $300 in cash and more than $200 in checks. Pollard advised that he left Meiss a .38-caliber Charter Arms revolver to keep with him at the store. When Pollard returned on the 27th, he said, there was no money in the cash register and no money in a secret place where Meiss was advised to leave it.
   Meiss told Investigator Covington that the money, totaling more than $500, along with Pollard's pistol, were stolen by two prostitutes from Johnson City who he had picked up on May 27. Pollard was charged with theft over $500.