Blankenship seeks re-election as 5th District commissioner

From Staff Reports

   Jo Ann F. Blankenship recently announced her plans to seek re-election to the Carter County Commission, representing the 5th District.
   Blankenship said it has been her honor and privilege to represent the 5th District the last three years and she looks forward to four more years to "achieve new goals and continue supporting the interest of the county."
   Blankenship was voted to fill the unexpired term of her late husband, George "Pete" Blankenship, a commissioner at the time of his death.
   During her tenure, she said, "The district has enjoyed improvements in road resurfacing, patching and weed mowing; improved fire protection due to the efforts of our volunteer firemen; improvements in school facilities; and with the addition in 1999 of the school resource officer assigned to Happy Valley High School, an important security measure has been implemented. The flashing school zone signs at Happy Valley Elementary provide an added safety device for this district.
   "I am appreciative of volunteer efforts in various areas of all those involved at each of the three schools in the district. I have worked hard for my constituents. I have listened and tried to solve problems, resolve issues and provide feedback in a timely manner," Blankenship said.
   A Carter County native, Blankenship was educated in the local school system. She graduated from Baptist Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Memphis; East Tennessee State University with a BSN and M.Ed; completed post graduate studies at University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and 45 hours from the University of Tennessee Center for Government Training. She is retired from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and attends Watauga Point United Methodist Church.
   Blankenship, who lives at 104 Earl Ave., has a son and daughter-in-law, Dr. George W. Jr. and Jennifer Blankenship, and a grandson, Jacob. She is the daughter of Florence Forbes of Elizabethton.
   "I would appreciate the vote and support of the 5th District on Aug. 1. It is not what I can do as one person, it's what we can do together to make this county even better," Blankenship said.