County man charged in stabbing of ex-girlfriend's brother

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A Carter County man was arrested Monday night and charged with multiple offenses after he allegedly stabbed another man in the arm with a screwdriver.
   Curtis Aaron Crawford, 33, 151 Sims Hill Road, was taken into custody by officers of the Carter County Sheriff's Department and a Tennessee Constable and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated assault under domestic violence and public intoxication.
   According to reports, CCSD Lt. Harvey Guess and Tennessee Constable Harvey Shaffer were responding to the residence on Sims Hill Road in reference to an assault when they were stopped at Lees Auto Sales where they spoke with the victim, James Fields Jr., 309 N. Watauga Road, Watauga. Fields told officers that Crawford had stabbed him with a screwdriver. Guess states in his report that he "saw several lacerations on his right hand and arm."
   The officers then proceeded to the Sims Hill residence where they found Crawford standing next to a vehicle. "He had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, speech was somewhat slurred, he was unsteady on his feet and he was intoxicated," Guess states in the report.
   Officers spoke with Fields and Crawford as well as Lori Stout, who also resides at the Sims Hill residence. According to reports, Stout is the sister of Fields and is the ex-girlfriend of Crawford. The report also states that Stout has an active order of protection against Crawford.
   Stout reported to CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan that she and Fields had gone to the Sims Hill residence to retrieve clothing so she could stay at her brother's residence and that Crawford pulled into the driveway of the residence at the same time she and her brother did. "I told him, 'Just get your clothes and leave' and he came at my brother with a screwdriver," Stout reported in a statement she gave to Ryan.
   Stout also reported to officers that on Saturday, Crawford had threatened to kill her if she had him put into jail.
   Fields reported that Crawford became aggressive towards him and attempted to entice him to fight. "When we arrived at my sister's residence, her ex-boyfriend, Curt Crawford, was there. He came out of the house with a screwdriver and attempted to coax me out of the vehicle," Fields stated in his report to officers. "When I wouldn't, he stabbed me in the left biceps and right hand as I tried to block him."
   Fields further reported that after Crawford stabbed him, Crawford kicked the vehicle. "He was yelling 'You're messing with the man,'" Field said in his statement.
   After officers spoke to all the parties involved, Crawford was arrested and charged with the assault to Fields and the threat to Stout as well as public intoxication. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on May 27.