Man arrested after breaking into parents' house

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   An 18-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning and charged with aggravated burglary after he was found inside a residence on Fitzsimmons Hill Road.
   Michael Wayne Ledford, no address available, was arrested after officers from the Carter County Sheriff's Department responded to a call of a break-in in progress at 109 Fitzsimmons Hill Road.
   CCSD Deputy Jan Black was the first to arrive on scene. "Upon arrival I checked the residence and found a front window had been broken and the screen removed," Black states in her report. "I could hear what appeared to be glass being moved in the area of the broken window."
   Black was then joined by Sheriff's Department Sgt. Penny Cornett, Sgt. Audrey Covington and Investigator Laverne Julian. "We made several attempts by knocking and announcing, 'Sheriff's Department' to get the person inside to answer the door," Black states. "Sgt. Cornett and Sgt. Covington made entry to the residence by climbing in the same window and found a man sitting in a chair in the living room."
   Officers identified the man as Ledford, who is the son of the owners of the residence. "We asked him why he was there, and he stated that he came to get some of his clothes and his parents wouldn't let him in, so he broke into the residence while they were gone," Black said.
   Rebecca Ledford was identified as the owner of the residence. "Sgt. Covington then called the owner of the residence who stated that he (Michael Ledford) did not have any reason to be in her house and has been told to stay away from the residence. She stated that he had broken the window a couple of weeks ago and entered the residence."
   At that time, officers then placed him into custody on the burglary charge.