Man arrested for drugs, weapons after car breaks down

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A Valley Forge man was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with multiple offenses after his vehicle broke down and officers who assisted him discovered narcotics and illegal weapons in his possession.
   Bradley C. White, 22, 286 Jenkins Hollow Road, was arrested around 2:30 a.m. by Elizabethton Police Department PTL Shannon Peters. He was charged with driving on a revoked license, violation of the vehicle registration law, possession of Schedule II narcotics (methamphetamine), possession of Schedule II narcotics (cocaine), possession of drug paraphernalia and two weapons charges.
   According to reports, Peters observed White attempting to work on his vehicle while it was in the roadway.
   "I was traveling east on Hattie Avenue and observed a white four-door pull from Hattie Avenue onto Sycamore Street. The vehicle then appeared to stall out," Peters states in his report. "At that time, the driver later identified as Bradley C. White exited the vehicle and raised the hood. I then pulled in behind the vehicle to see if I could offer any assistance to what appeared to be a stranded motorist."
   While Peters and White spoke, Sgt. John Ramsey arrived on scene and exited his vehicle to speak to them. "Sgt. Ramsey then asked Mr. White why he had a large knife beside the driver's seat," Peters states in his report. "At that point, I looked in the area where the knife was and noticed a small automatic pistol lying beside the knife."
   Peters then conducted a driver's license check on White and was told that White's drivers license had been revoked due to a DUI conviction. "At that time I placed Mr. White into custody," Peters states in his report.
   While the officer was conducting a search of White, he discovered a film canister in his left front pocket. "I opened the film canister and observed six small baggies of a white pasty substance which my experience led me to believe was methamphetamine," the report by Peters states. "Once I observed the contents I stated to myself, 'What have we here?', and Mr. White stated "Crank."
   Upon a further search of White, the officer found a small metal container which held a white substance that the officer believed to be cocaine. The officer also found a glass tube with drug residue on it as well as what he described in his report as "a roach clip."
   White is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on May 12.