Culler recovering from cancer surgery

By Kathy Helms-Hughes

   Carter County Commissioner Chuck Culler, 4th District, is at home recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with cancer.
   Culler underwent surgery a week ago Friday at Johnson City Medical Center. It was the second time in approximately 10 years that he has been diagnosed with cancer.
   But this was totally different, he said. "What I've got this time is prostate cancer. They had to remove a prostate, and right now, I don't have to have any treatments or anything. They got it all.
   "All of the areas they took extra tissue from came back negative. I'm all right; I've just got to heal up. I lost quite a bit of blood," he said, "and they didn't want to give me any because of the risk. It'll take me a while to come back, but I'm fine. I'm just real weak."
   Culler said surgeons removed the prostate as well as some additional lymph nodes. "All of the biopsies through the lymph system and the other tissues that they took out came out negative, so it hadn't spread. They're just going to have to watch me again real close," he said.
   Culler was in good spirits and said his wife, Sharon, was taking excellent care of him.
   "The Lord's helped me through this all. I just need time to build myself back up. I'm just thankful that we've got through it," he said.
   Culler expects to be out of work six weeks.