Storm topples tree on downtown street

From Staff Reports

   A violent thunderstorm rolled through the Tri-Cities Friday afternoon, splattering wet leaves and downing power lines and some trees, including a large tree in downtown Elizabethton.
   High winds are believed to have splintered at the intersection of East Elk Avenue and Pine Street on Friday afternoon. The tree snapped after high winds hit the area, sending tree limbs into Elk Avenue and onto the sidewalk in front of Winston Jewelers.
   The city street department diverted traffic near the intersection and used chainsaws to cut up tree limbs. Street department crews hauled two loads of brush and removed the splintered tree.
   Street Department representative Jeff Feathers said no injuries or damage to vehicles or businesses were reported in the incident.
   The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning calling for hail and high winds late Friday. Hail fell in parts of Bristol, while high winds knocked down power lines in some areas.