30-year-old man arrested after fighting with officers on Race Street

By Abby Morris

Star Staff

   Officers from the Elizabethton Police Department and Carter County Sheriff's Department arrested a 30-year-old male Monday night after he caused a disturbance on Race Street.
   According to reports, EPD Capt. Clyde Croy was responding to a call to the 600 block of Race Street concerning a suspicious person. "Just before I turned onto Race Street from Sycamore Street, a white SUV stopped in front of me," Croy states in his report. "I started to pull around the vehicle when the suspect came around from the front of her car and started hitting the hood of my car with his fists. He was cussing, ranting and raving about some unknown person."
   After striking the officer's car, the suspect, who was later identified as Travis Hardin, 615 Race St., walked around the vehicle and headed south on Sycamore Street. When Croy turned around, he observed Hardin standing in the middle of the street.
   "He then laid down and started screaming," Croy states in his report. "Then he got up on his knees and started urinating in the street."
   At that time, as Croy was exiting his police cruiser, EPD Sgt. Jack Ramsey, EPD PTL Shannon Peters and CCSD Deputy Chad Grindstaff arrived on the scene.
   Hardin then laid back down on the roadway on his stomach and officers attempted to handcuff him and take him into custody. According to reports, Hardin resisted arrest. "At that time, I sprayed a two-second burst of pepper spray in his face. This didn't stop the suspect," Croy states in his report. "He was kicking and striking officers with his feet and hands."
   According to the report, Croy had to utilize his impact tool and strike Hardin two times on the upper portion of his left arm in order to restrain him. Croy and Ramsey were finally able to handcuff Hardin as the other two officers held him down.
   "He was placed in my patrol car, all the time struggling and resisting," Croy states in his report. "We then transported him to jail. Officer (Jennifer) Mayberry met us at the jail and helped us carry him inside and into the elevator. Hardin had to be held down to uncuff him."
   Hardin has been charged with assault, resisting arrest, vandalism and public intoxication in connection with the incident.