J&W Market appeals revoked beer license

By Julie Fann
star staff

Joseph Lee Wood, owner of J&W Market, has decided to appeal a recent decision made by the Elizabethton Beverage Board to permanently revoke the market's beer permit. At a hearing on May 9, Wood admitted to the board that J&W Market was guilty of a third incident of selling beer to a minor.
   The appeal, submitted to the Elizabethton Circuit Court, states: "Upon information and belief, it is alleged that the subject 'buy' was made by a 20-year-old informant sponsored and monitored by the Elizabethton Police Department."
   Wood states in the appeal that he and his staff have conducted extensive training sessions with his employees with regard to the avoidance of underage beer sales to minors, and accuses the Elizabethton Beverage Board of acting "in an arbitrary, capricious and unlawful manner without proper deliberation" in revoking the beer permit.
   Wood is awaiting a hearing by the Elizabethton Circuit Court.