And the county candidates are ...

By Kathy Helms-Hughes

   Noon Thursday was the deadline for candidates to submit qualifying petitions to the Election Commission for the Aug. 1 General Election in Carter County. Mary Gouge, county clerk; Randal Lewis, trustee; and Jack Perkins, road superintendent, are running unopposed.
   School board candidates in the 3rd, 5th and 7th Districts -- Jack Pearman, Ted Maxwell and Chuck Madgett, respectively -- also are unopposed.
   Following is the final list of candidates and the offices they are seeking:
   County Executive
   * Stanley Bailey, Kevin Brooks Colbaugh, Dale Fair, Richard Z. Gray, Brad S. Green, Bobby R. McClain, Janet Hart Hyder
   Register of Deeds
   * Paul P. Buck, Johnny L. Holder
   * John C. Henson, Kenneth R. Potter, E. John Peters
   County Clerk
   * Mary Gouge
   * Randal K. Lewis
   Circuit Court Clerk
   * John Paul Mathes, Russell Kyte, Dexter Lunceford, Tammy L. Eggleston
   Superintendent of Roads
   * Jack R. Perkins
   County Commissioner/1st District
   * Douglas W. Buckles, Mark W. Becht, Jackson R. Buckles, David Cornett, Adeline R. Hyder, Buford Peters, Sheryl Watson, Lawrence Hodge
   2nd District
   * Albert Meehan, R.L. Miller, Ralph Watson, Wayne Holtsclaw, Barney G. Brown, Amos W. Stevens Jr., Michael D. Blevins, Keith Sluder, Keith D. Vanderbrink
   3rd District
   * Arlie Joe Woods, Jerry Pearman, Harry H. Sisk, George Freddie Goldsberry Jr., Charles "Jim" Whaley, Rocky L. Croy
   4th District
   * Louis C. Tester, Phillip E. Nave, Chuck Culler, Steve B. Hyder, Thomas W. Bowers
   5th District
   * Benny R. Franklin, Jo Ann Blankenship, Roscoe Bayless, Richard D. Renfro
   6th District
   * John D. Snyder Jr., B. Wayne Smith, John G. Lewis, Howard W. Johnson, Larry McKinney, Jerry T. Clawson, Terry Montgomery, Ernest K. Jackson
   7th District
   * Sid Cox, Lynn Tipton, Jeff Treadway, Eddie R. Roberts, Richard David Tester
   8th District
   * Roy D. Merryman Sr., William L. "Bill" Armstrong, Robert Davis, Paul Tolley
   Constable/1st District
   * Landon C. Pritchard, Larry P. Perry, Raymond E. Rosenbaum, Brent E. Baker
   2nd District
   * Leonard E. Johnson, Roy A. Coffey, Dewey Murriel Holtsclaw, Charles V. Canter, James R. Marlowe
   3rd District
   * Bobby Canter, Lawrence Dial, Scotty P. Hall, Willie C. Mathes
   4th District
   * Harvey A. Shaffer, Ernest "Pete" Ensor, Philip C. Stanley, Samuel McCoy
   5th District
   * Larry M. Presnell Jr., Charlotte R. Walker, Joe Lunceford
   6th District
   * Ross R. Potter, Richard A. Hicks, Bobby D. Trivette, James R. Sizemore
   7th District
   * Jerry P. Miller, Kenneth Younce
   8th District
   * Robert L. Gobble, Robert "Bob" Carroll, David M. Jones
   School Board/2nd District
   * Richard "Pete" Johnson, Richard Winters
   3rd District
   * Jack R. Pearman
   5th District
   * Ted H. Maxwell
   7th District
   * Chuck Madgett