Woods seeks re-election as 3rd District commissioner


   Joe Woods is announcing that he is seeking a second term for county commissioner in the 3rd District, which consists of Keenburg, Range, Central and Watauga.
   Woods, who is on the law enforcement, building & grounds, health and welfare, and the appeals board committees, said he would like for the people of his district to know about some of the accomplishments he has helped with during his tenure.
   "Contrary to talk, I have helped accomplish some important projects for the community such as obtaining a $500,000 government home improvement grant for low-income families. Most of the 3rd District is included in this service.
   "I helped get improvements for Range Elementary School through the school superintendent and the school board. I voted to keep taxes low; helped appeals of schools to get improvements; talked to other committees and people to get bridges and highways named for those who had great service to their communities. I also presented complaints to other committees for study."
   Woods said that if re-elected, he will work on getting improvements for the schools in Keenburg and Central.
   Concerning the wheel tax, he said, "I voted for a referendum for the people to vote on the tax, otherwise, it would have been sent to Nashville to be forced on the people by the Legislature. The referendum gave the commission the voice of the people and they were heard."
   During the four years Woods has been commissioner, he said, he has talked to the people to get their input on certain issues.
   "I never voted against a petition that was put before us for a vote. I'm only 'one' vote and I can't always please everyone, but I always put the people first."
   If re-elected, Woods said, he will continue to work for and talk to the people as in the past and is hopeful that more jobs will come to Carter County. Woods said he will continue to support the volunteer fire departments, rescue squad, veterans, law enforcement -- including constables -- and other county offices, their workers and the school system.
   "I have enjoyed being a commissioner for the 3rd District and would like to continue. Your vote and support would be greatly appreciated," he said.
   Woods is married to the former Ruby Cox. He has two sons, a daughter, and eight grandchildren. He also has a son who is deceased.