Hyder vying for commissioner in 4th District


   Steve Hyder is announcing that he is seeking election for county commissioner in the 4th District in the Aug. 1 General Election.
   "I am proud to say I have lived in East Side my entire life which makes it all the more gratifying to have the opportunity to serve my neighbors and friends as their commissioner."
   Hyder, a graduate of Elizabethton High School, is continuing his education with plans of becoming a pharmacist. He currently is employed at Wal-Mart Pharmacy in Elizabethton.
   Hyder said he believes that industry and schools should be the top priority of the commission over the next four years.
   "I am looking forward to working with the county commission to help bring higher paying industrial jobs back to Carter County, then we can use this new tax revenue to make sure our students and teachers do not have to do without.
   "Until a new industrial tax base can be established, we can do this by focusing on needs instead of wants. We must make better use of the tax money local government already collects," he said.
   According to Hyder, the county is in a good position to move forward "but if we are not careful we will miss this opportunity. Only through honesty, fairness and new ideas can this be accomplished."
   Hyder said anyone with questions, suggestions or comments can call 502-2207.