Croy announces for 3rd District commissioner


   Rocky L. Croy of Watauga is today announcing his candidacy for county commissioner of the 3rd District.
   Croy, a lifelong resident of Carter County and graduate of Elizabethton High School, is a lieutenant with Carter County Sheriff's Department, where he has been employed for 20 years.
   In making his announcement, Croy said, "I believe it is time that the taxes we pay should be put to good use for the people of Carter County and to prepare for the future. I would like to see the county grow so that we don't have to watch our children move to find work in other cities.
   "I see our taxes being raised but the money seems to disappear. I feel the citizens of Carter County have the right to see how their money is being used for the county."
   Croy said he will listen to the people of Carter County, hear their ideas and speak on their behalf so that their voices can be heard. He welcomes any input the public may have for the future of Carter County.
   Croy, the son of Clyde and Linda Croy of Watauga, is married to the former Cynthia Giles. The couple have three children and three grandchildren.
   Croy can be reached at 542-3949.