Used book sale begins today at American Legion Building

By Rozella Hardin

   Are you always on the hunt for a good book to read -- and at a cheap price? Check out this weekend's used book sale by the Friends of the Library.
   For the price of 50 cents, you can buy any paperback in the house, and for $1, you can purchase a hardback book. Collectibles, which include first editions, coffee table books, old editions and hard-to-find books will go anywhere for $3 to $10.
   The sale will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the American Legion Building. Sales Friday and Saturday will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
   "I'm guessing we have over 10,000 books to sell this year," said Helen Zeller, President of the Friends of the Library. More than a dozen Friends were busy Thursday sorting the books and placing them on tables by categories, preparing for the sale. "It is a job, but in the beginning we were three and four days sorting the books and getting ready for the sale. Now, we are more organized and we do it in about a day," she said.
   Books are collected all year for the sale, and as they are brought to the library -- the major drop-off point -- one volunteer, Betty Kimbrell, takes the books to the American Legion Bldg., where they are stored for the sale. "This is such a wonderful community service for the American Legion. They allow us to store our books here, and then offer their facilities for the sale," Zeller said.
   "The books are sold at a fraction of the price if you were to buy them new. We have a multitude of children's books this year, and loads of paperbacks, which are sorted and alphabetized by author," Zeller said.
   The Harlequin romance books, which are very popular, are sold for 25 cents each. "I went to Roan Mountain and picked up a thousand of them from one woman," Zeller exclaimed.
   Also, throughout the sale, specials will be offered.
   The Friends of the Library, which was organized over 20 years ago uses funds from the book sale to assist with maintenance of the library's computers. They have also used the funds to purchase furniture for the children's section of the library and each year decorate the library at Christmas. "Also this year we will be helping the library with its wish list," said Zeller.
   "Our main objective is to raise funds to assist with library expenses. But, we are also advocates for the library. Our library is such an important institution in the community," Zeller explained.
   Friends make more Friends by their enthusiasm and continued support of the library's goal and missions.
   The Friends have a total of 106 members and were expected to pick up more members at an Early Bird Book Sale last evening. Memberships are $10 each.
   "We're always looking for more members, and we are grateful to so many people, who through the years have been benefactors," Zeller said.