ECS named 'Super District' by SACS commissions

From Staff Reports

   The Elizabethton City School district was recognized as a "Superior District for Quality Schools" for the 2003-2004 by the Commissions on Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
   Executive director of the SACS commission praised the district for the "schools' accreditation accomplishments and continued success in improving educational opportunities for the young people served."
   For the 2003-2004 school year, there were 512 districts in the 11-state SACS region that qualified for this recognition. Among those states, 76 districts were Tennessee, North Carolina had 52 districts recognized and 51 districts in Virginia received the honor.
   SACS accreditation is non-governmental and voluntary. The accreditation is designed to help educational institutions improve through a systematic process of evaluation that focuses on improving teaching and student learning. SACS accreditation seeks to ensure institutions meet minimum standards and strive to provide quality educational programs.
   Accreditation through SACS provides benefits to a school including a review of a school's programs by outside peer professionals, an improvement plan to measure students progress, and regional and national recognition as an accredited school.
   Founded in 1895, SACS is one of six regional accrediting bodies in the United States and is comprised of three commissions. The organization accredits more than 13,000 educational institutions both public and private.