Groundbreaking Tuesday for new library media center at T.A. Dugger

By Rozella Hardin
STAR Staff

   Groundbreaking for the new Library Media Center at T.A. Dugger Junior High School will be held on Tuesday, April 27, at 9 a.m.
   T. A. Dugger Principal Regina Cates said the new building, which will be located on the east end of the school, will provide for a library and two computer labs.
   "We are really excited about the building, as we have outgrown our library," Cates said. "It will make for a better learning situation as our present library has no division of space. There are instances when we have two or three classes going on at the same time in the same room. Also, we presently have only one computer lab."
   Cates said the new library media center, which has been on the drawing board since May 2001, will contain 5,100 square feet of space. "It will allow us to have two computer labs and two print materials areas," she explained.
   "We were either looking at building additional classroom space or the library media center. The final choice was the media center," the principal said.
   The cost of the new media center is expected to be around $425,000 - not to exceed $480,000. Cates said hopefully the center will be ready for occupancy by the time school opens next fall.
   Presently, T.A. Dugger Junior High has 504 students. "At some point during the days all students take library and computer lab. Both the lab and library can be used by students to do research," said Cates.
   Cates said the new media center will be managed by Media Director Judy Little and her assistant. "She will oversee both the library and computer labs," Cates said, adding that the media center will be conducive to not only better learning, but will be a great asset to the school.
   Johnson Controls is the major contractor for the project.