Man charged in connection with two thefts

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   An Elizabethton man was arrested Friday and charged in connection with two separate theft incidents which occurred that day. Also, two other individuals were charged in connection with one of the incidents.
   Robert Lee Blevins, 42, 661 Jena Beth Drive, Apt. 4, was charged with public intoxication, shoplifting, simple possession of marijuana, theft of property and criminal trespassing in connection with the two incidents.
   According to reports, shortly before 7 p.m. on Friday, police were called to the Roadrunner Market located at 725 W. G St. on a report of a gas drive off. Employees of the store reported that a white male described as "having dirty blonde hair in a pony tail, with nasty looking teeth, wearing glasses," came into the store to pay for gasoline. He paid the clerks for $2 worth of gasoline and left the store.
   "Ms. (Erin) Coles (one of the employees) reported that as he went out the door she heard a woman yell, 'Run, run, hurry up. The bastards owe me two dollars anyway," Elizabethton Police Department Capt. Rusty Verran states in his report. "Ms. Coles then reported that she looked at the gas console and it showed that three dollars and one cent had been pumped."
   Coles advised officers that as she went to the front door the car "peeled out" but she was able to give officers a description of the vehicle, a teal-colored Ford Probe, as well as a license tag number. She further advised officers that she though the male's first name was "Robbie."
   Later on that night, at approximately 8:40 p.m., Verran observed a vehicle traveling eastbound on West G Street and stopped the vehicle. At that time, the driver of the vehicle was identified as Calvin Smith, 42, 657 Jena Beth Drive, Apt. 3.
   "Mr. Smith gave (me) a statement indicating that Mr. Robert Blevins was supposed to have paid for three dollars worth of gasoline," Verran states in his report. "Mr. Smith told (me) that he was taking 'Robbie' to the Carter County jail to serve time when the incident happened."
   According to reports, Verran had responded to a call at the same Roadrunner Market in which Smith had been charged with shoplifting and advised by the manager of the store not to be back on the property.
   While talking to Smith, Verran ran a check on his driver's license through the 911 Communications Center and was advised that his license was suspended. Smith also could not show proof of insurance so he was issued a summons charging him with driving on a suspended license and violation of the financial responsibility law.
   At the time Verran stopped the Ford Probe, a female passenger in the vehicle was identified as Judith Corinne Parsons, 38, also of 357 Jena Beth Drive, Apt. 4. When Verran advised Smith of the reported statement which Coles had said a female passenger in the car made, Parsons spoke up and advised the officer that she had been the female passenger at the time. "That was me; I didn't say that; I said 'Run Robbie. Hurry up, you're going to be late at the jail'," Verran quotes Parson as saying in his report.
   At that time, the officer escorted Smith and Parsons back to the Roadrunner Market. After they arrived, an assistant manager of the store told the officer that Parsons had also been banned from the store property. Parsons was subsequently issued a citation for criminal trespassing.
   Blevins was not located during the initial investigation into the gasoline drive-off at the Roadrunner Market; however, he was arrested later that evening after he was reportedly observed shoplifting at Wal-Mart.
   Shortly before 11 p.m. that same night, officers were dispatched to Wal-Mart in reference to a male subject shoplifting.
   According to a report by EPD Ptl. Michael McIntosh, upon his arrival at the store, he spoke with two managers at the store who advised him that they had observed a male subject, later identified as Blevins, in the jewelry section of the store taking rings and placing them into his pockets. "They further stated that he appeared to be attempting to break into the jewelry counters," McIntosh said. "Officers observed the male subject and recognized him to be (Blevins). Mr. Blevins was also a suspect in a gas drive-off that occurred at the Roadrunner on West G Street earlier in the evening."
   When the officers approached Blevins, he appeared to be unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred, according to reports, and McIntosh concluded that "he was under the influence of an intoxicant and was a danger to himself and the public."
   At that time, McIntosh placed Blevins into custody and charged him with public intoxication. "Further investigation revealed that Mr. Blevins had the following property belonging to Wal-Mart in his blue jeans pockets: one men's watch, valued at $9.87; and three rings valued at $8.88 each," McIntosh said. "Therefore, Mr. Blevins is also charged with shoplifting."
   During a search of Blevins' person subsequent to his arrest, officers found a small bag containing marijuana in his shoe and he was also charged with simple possession of marijuana.
   After Blevins was transported to the Carter County Jail, Verran arrived and served him warrants charging him with theft and criminal trespassing in connection with the gasoline drive-off earlier that evening.