Movie filming in East Tennessee calls for extras

By Lesley Jenkins
star staff

Calling all aspiring actors and actresses or anyone else who wants to earn some extra bucks while appearing in a movie - "Pillar of Light" will be filmed in the East Tennessee area, including scenes to be shot in Johnson City.
   Extras Casting Director, Kim McCray, said she is looking for people of all ages - men, women and children - to be extras in the movie to be filmed from April 12 to May 20. A press release reads, "We are specifically looking for men (full beards or clean shaven but no goatees), women without hair highlights and children without braces."
   A few other feature extra roles will be Native American men, mountain men (an 1800s trapper type), and fiddle, mandolin and flute players.
   The movie is based on a novel, set in the 1820s, about Joseph Smith and the events that led to his becoming the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon Church and the Restoration movement. Nearly 700 extras will be hired as townspeople and other fillers and everyone will receive "a lot of camera time," according to McCray.
   Most extras will experience at least one day of filming that will pay $85 per day. Some extras will be needed for five to six days of work. No experience is necessary and all types of people are encouraged to respond to the casting call.
   The call will be held at Hiwassee College, 225 Hiwassee College Drive, Madisonville, Tennessee 37354 on Saturday, April 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Those interested are directed to visit the Web site for directions, A recent snapshot, no larger than 4x6 inches, is required and non-returnable.
   Starring in the film will be Brenda Strong, from "Sports Night," "Seinfield," and "Third Rock from the Sun," Jonathan Scarfs, "Judas" and "ER," and Sam Hennings, "The Aviator," "Drop Zone," and "Moonlighting."