Monday at Milligan was simply 'marvelous'

From Staff Reports

   Milligan College students awoke Monday morning to find an official notice from the Student Development Office under their doors. The notice declared the day the much-anticipated but secretive "Marvelous Monday."
   This annual surprise "holiday" for the Milligan community meant day classes were canceled and replaced by a variety of social activities planned by Social Affairs and the Student Government Association. Night classes met as scheduled.
   Begun in 1969 by then-President Jess Johnson as a day to ease the normal pressures of spring fever, the tradition has continued each year surrounded by a veil of secrecy in hopes of surprising the students and faculty.
   This year's Marvelous Monday was based on an Oriental theme, with activities planned throughout the day that highlighted the "Wonderful Wok-Day, Take Me Out!" theme.
   Included in the day's activities were a Kung "Pow" Chow brunch in the cafeteria, Beijing Ball volleyball competition, Fuji's Fury team racing at the top of Sutton Hill, the Great Wall Race which pitted students against the chapel bells, a friendly game of Tsunami Softball with faculty members vs. students, a Monsoon Mania waterslide, Kung-Fu Frisbee, and Shanghai Sumo Wrestling, to name a few.
   The day concluded in the cafeteria with a "Lo-Mein Eat-Off" -- a no-hand noodle feast -- with a prize going to the student eating the most.