Second Annual 'Pig Pickin' for Early Childhood' set April 26

PINEY FLATS -- The Second Annual "Pig Pickin' for Early Childhood" will be held at Piney Flats United Methodist Church Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
   "Steve Cockerham spoke last year and will host the event this year," said Brenda Byrum of The Gingerbread House Preschool. "We are getting together activities for the children, and there will be a nursery provided so that parents can attend."
   Topics and speakers for the event, which will feature fun, food and education, will include:
   * Dr. Clarissa Willis, author of "You Can't Leave Until You Do The Paper Work: Matters of Life and Death." Dr. Willis will speak on "The war and how to help children cope with the effects."
   * Dr. Jim Fox will speak on "Working with Children With Special Needs."
   * Kert Malyar will speak on "Why Extracurricular is Important." Malyar will also put on a karate demonstration in the gym for the children.
   * Marian Hensley, Greeneville's Holston Home for Children, will present "Child Development and the Brain."
   * John Greer will return (by popular demand) to speak on "Love and Logic."
   "We did not have a big turnout last year, but everyone that was there had a great time," Byrum said. "My husband cooks the best hog that I've ever eaten, and the guest speakers were wonderful.
   "I think that each year the event will continue to grow and get better and better. My goal is to help as many children as possible, and in order to do this we must educate parents and childcare workers.
   "The most crucial time to educate a child is upon conception through the age four. When I tell people that we read to our infants at preschool, they think I'm crazy. I've experimented with my son and it's true, one must start early if they want their child to succeed. We as a community need to pull together and reach out to those that want and need to know more about early childhood.
   "I'm still looking for volunteers and support from area businesses, and so far it's been a little tough, however there has been a lot of support from a few places and people. The members of the church have been wonderful. Moon Promotions will return again this year with a moonwalk for the children.
   "The more people that are involved, the more people we will reach. The instructors at ETSU are the best. I graduated last year and even now can go to just about any one of them with a question or problem and they're there. They have been very supportive in my goals and ambitions."
   For ticket information, to volunteer, or to support, call 543-4223.