Davidson takes county Democratic party's reins as Fetzer retires as chairman

From Staff Reports

   Sid Davidson has been elected new chairman of the Carter County Democratic Party as long-time party chairman John Fetzer stepped down after eight years.
   Fetzer retired his seat as chairman of the Carter County Democratic Party at a party convention held on Saturday, April 5, at the party's county convention to help reorganize the party's officers.
   "I think eight years is enough to give them," said Fetzer.
   Davidson was elected party chairman; Leonard Lewis was elected 1st vice chairman; and Judy Garland was elected 2nd vice chairwoman. Ann Oaks was elected as secretary; Bridget Hurt, assistant secretary; and Charles VonCannon, treasurer. All new officers were elected by acclimation.
   Fetzer said he was optimistic about the party's future under Davidson and expected the party to become more competitive in the immediate future.
   "I think he'll be a good chairman of the Democratic Party," he said of Davidson. "I think, as a political party, we will be more competitive in the future." Fetzer added that Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen had made strides so far in his career as governor.
   "Bredesen is a manager and he has a world of experience in management; he is doing what needs to be done," he said. Bredesen's 2003-2004 budget called for a 9 percent reduction in state department budgets excepting K-12 education, corrections and TennCare. The governor has expressed plans to make the cuts permanent.
   "He's doing this to let people know what the problems are," Fetzer said.
   Fetzer received a standing ovation for his service to the party. The county's Democratic potentate served six years on Elizabethton City Council and six years on the county Board of Education.
   He said he had no plans to return to the political game as a candidate, but said he would continue to support Democrats running for local, state and federal offices.