Janet Hart Hyder announces candidacy for county executive's post

   Janet Hart Hyder, a local teacher, today is announcing her candidacy for Carter County Executive.
   Hyder feels the county is ready for women to take a greater part in the government and for them to be more fairly represented in its local mechanizations.
   In her platform, Hyder would like for the people to know she is a conservative and believes that the government should be more attuned to the needs of the common citizen. She says she feels when this is done, everyone, "from the ground floor up," will benefit.
   Hyder supports education, and says that she recognizes that education is a crucial necessity for the survival of our county as well as our country. She says she realizes the need in our county for unskilled and skilled employment, and greatly appreciates the work that has been done to help bring jobs here, however, she says she realizes that much more needs to be done. She feels that higher-paying jobs need to be brought to Carter County.
   Hyder is a qualified candidate, with a degree in business education, experience in the field of education, and training in business management. She has owned and managed a small business and is well acquainted with the needs of young entrepreneurs.
   Hyder is a member of Caldwell Springs Baptist Church and the mother of three sons: Jason, Justin and Jarrod, two of whom are teachers. The third is a senior at East Tennessee State University.
   Hyder is a member of the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the American Federation of Teachers, Local 1140, and the Elizabethton Twins Baseball Commission.