Employees cited for illegal sales of alcohol

From Staff Reports

   Employees of two Elizabethton businesses have been issued criminal summons for sale of alcoholic beverages to underage operatives.
   According to Elizabethton Police Department Criminal Investigations Division, officers conducted an investigation into the illegal sale of alcohol within the corporate limits of Elizabethton on March 28.
   During the investigation, a confidential operative over the age of 18 but under 21 purchased alcohol from permit holders within the city. All transactions were monitored by wireless radio transmission and recorded on audio and videotape by officers.
   Permit holders were found in compliance with the exception of J&W Market, 409 Johnson Ave., and White's Fresh Foods, 700 Stateline Road, where the purchaser was not required to provide identification.
   Anna Neal, 110 Hobert Hyder Drive, an employee of J&W Market; and Denise Andrews, 1481 Old Elizabethton Hwy., an employee of White's, were issued summons for illegal sales of alcohol.