'Clean Streams' trademark corporation dissolved

From Staff Reports

   Carter County Clean Streams Inc., a corporation operated by Charles Green, owner of North American Fibers Inc., has been dissolved and is liquidating its business and affairs, according to a Notice of Dissolution.
   Green said the corporation was established around 1997 when North American was using a fair amount of water in the rinse process which produces rayon.
   "We had trademarks on particular things we were doing in conjunction with Clean Streams' water. Since we're no longer using water in our process here, it didn't make any sense to continue to maintain that corporation," Green said.
   "We don't use any more water than what you use in your home," and North American hasn't dispersed any water into the Watauga River in several years, he said.
   The business was used to establish trademarks, such as those seen on the "Clean Streams" signs around town, according to Green. "We just put those trademarks in that corporation. The corporation never really did anything. It was primarily for trademarking," he said.
   If the corporation isn't dissolved, the company is required to continue filing an annual report and paying a filing fee. "It made no sense to continue to do that since nothing was going on there," Green said.
   Anyone with claims against the corporation is asked to send them, in writing, to Carter County Clean Streams Inc., 1001 W. Elk Ave., Attention Charles Green. Each claim must include name, address and telephone number of the claimant, description and basis of the claim, amount, the date it arose, and documentation substantiating it.
   A claim against the corporation will be barred unless a proceeding to enforce it is begun within two years after publication of the Notice of Dissolution.