Griffin seeks Sen. Thompson's seat

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

   June Griffin has announced that she will seek Sen. Fred Thompson's seat in the U.S. Senate. Griffin is known for her promotion of the Ten Commandments Resolution and is the founder of Citizens for Decency in Taxation.
   As a staunch Constitutionalist and conservative, Griffin has been an outspoken advocate of small government and low taxation. Griffin views her plan to renovate the Social Security system as perfect and believes that it will satisfy everyone except those who have unscrupulous interests in its perpetuation.
   "I will have a staff which is well versed in our American rights as interpreted by the founding fathers and their judges that is made up of people whose first interest is ownership and control of private businesses and property," Griffin said. "The people need a real voice in Washington."
   Griffin's platform includes working to re-establish the Senate as a defender of the rights of the states by decreasing the power of the government. She is an advocate of citizens right to bear arms and will work to make all campaign contributions totally anonymous.
   Griffin plans to spearhead a "Back to God" movement of Americanism in Washington. She hopes to do so by showing the U.S. as sovereign over all other nations. "I will use my influence to strengthen the arms of those congressmen and senators who have been intimidated by un-American forces and embolden them to stand for the Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights which was given to us as pillars of independence by the God of our Fathers," Griffin said.
   Griffin is from Rhea County and hopes to call on her "grassroots" contacts in all 95 counties to help her win the election. In the past Griffin has run for seats in the Rhea County Commission, Dayton City Council and the Kentucky House of Representatives. She is the founder of the Cumberland Missionary Society and Old Path Publishers.
   Griffin wants to see the 10th Amendment be fully re-established. "Since 1970 I have dedicated my life to God and country," Griffin said. "My greatest concern is the loss of liberties under God which has eclipsed the Christian's glories under the Bill of Rights. I regret it has fallen into the hands of the American Civil Liberties Union; this will not continue."
   Griffin and her husband J.B. have lived in Rhea County since 1972 and have been married for 42 years. They have two children and several grandchildren. They attend an American Bible Protestant of the Wesleyan Order church.