Council will discuss repairs to bridge

By Julie Fann
Star Staff

At the next City Council meeting on Thursday, Council members will discuss issues surrounding the Doe River Rehabilitation Project, a project designed by the city and State Rep. Ralph Cole (R-Elizabethton) to rebuild the city's bridges. Members will focus specifically on the Elk Avenue Bridge.
   "We're responsible for 20 percent of the project costs, and the state pays 80 percent," said City Manager Charles Stahl. City Council members will talk about the progress of the project.
   Also, the city will vote on a state grant that would provide the public library with two new computers under the State of Tennessee 2002 Library Services Technology Act.
   Other issues on the City Council meeting agenda are:
   * A resolution approving a state highway maintenance contract for the fiscal year 2002-2003;
   * A resolution calling for a regular biennial municipal election; and
   * A resolution authorizing new debt service and refinancing a water and sewer loan.